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Sealcoating asphalt pavement is a part of regular asphalt maintenance that many people overlook. While it is not something that needs to be done more than every few years, seal coating any asphalt pavement like parking lots, roadways or your asphalt driveways can keep you from having to pay for extensive asphalt repair due to damaging deterioration, freezing water or a freeze-thaw cycle, weathering or oxidation. With the asphalt services and quality products of American Asphalt, you can make your blacktop or pavement last longer.



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What is Sealcoating?

When you hire our asphalt paving services to apply our asphalt sealer professionally, we go through a meticulous process to provide you with the exceptional workmanship you expect of us. First, we do a sweeping pass to clear the area of any grass, weeds, silica sand or other debris. Next, we use pavement marking to remove any solvents from the asphalt, then apply primer to ensure optimal adhesion of the new driveway or asphalt parking lot. From there, we clear and seal any cracks in the area with our crack sealing tar. Once our asphalt paving company is done with our crack filler, we sealcoat the project, applying a sealer consisting of a rubberized polymer epoxy latex. Finally, once the seal coat has finished curing, you can use the area again, though be sure to avoid sharp turns or other actions that can mark the new surface.

Benefits of Sealcoating

If you are uncertain about sealing your asphalt, you may be able to make up your mind by knowing how a new seal coat can benefit you. As time goes on, the chemical makeup of asphalt wears down and becomes porous, granting access for foreign substances to make their way in and cause damage. Liquids like a gallon of gasoline do more than stain the surface of a driveway; they also can deteriorate it. By applying new sealant for resurfacing, you can prevent the development of a new pothole and fight any cracking on your curb, driveway, or other black top. Regular maintenance can help avoid patching potholes, undergoing expensive driveway repair, or navigating frequent crack repair. Regular sealcoating can also be the key to beautifying your properly.

Sealcoat or Repave?

When trying to take care of your blacktop, it can be hard to choose between sealcoating or repaving. Sealcoating is a great way to protect your surfaces and only calls for reapplications every few years or so. Sealcoating is the prime way to protect your pavement against all types of deterioration and can keep it looking fresh the entire time. 

Repaving is another option, but only is really necessary if the pavement is in a large state of disrepair. If a driveway is in too bad of a condition, we can also help you with the paving process of tearing out and removing your old driveway and replacing it with a new driveway. Because of how much work and resources repaving involves, sealcoating is often the faster and cheaper option for most people.

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If you are looking for the highest professionalism in your asphalt and paving needs, contact our asphalt company for all of your asphalt paving services needs. Our preventative maintenance can help you combat the penetrating effects of erosion, sunlight and other factors, and leave you satisfied with your new drive way or commercial paving needs. Contact us today to talk with a paving contractor for a free estimate today.