Asphalt Patching Throughout North Carolina and Southern Virginia

When you need expert asphalt patching services on your driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt pavement. You need to know you can trust the services of the paving contractors you choose. At American Asphalt, we employ high-quality asphalt patching techniques for potholes, cracks, and more on residential and commercial properties.

What Sets Our Asphalt Patching Services Apart

Our asphalt patching services can help repair wear and tear damage that compromises the integrity and longevity of your asphalt surface. When you select us for your asphalt maintenance needs you can experience the benefit of our asphalt contractors being experienced professionals in all aspects of pavement maintenance and asphalt paving services. We only use quality materials, such as our asphalt sealcoating, crack filler, and sealant products. We also want to make choosing us even easier for clients which is why you can contact us for a free estimate of our asphalt repair services.



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Our Asphalt Patching Process

When your pavement or asphalt has experienced harm like cracking, freezing damage, or oxidation deterioration, we will initiate a thorough inspection and damage assessment to determine what steps are necessary to repair things. After our assessment, we will engage in our asphalt patching process: 

  • Cleaning and preparation - for any effective asphalt repair project, we need to remove debris and loose aggregate with our brooms and sweeping equipment to ensure that the sealer will adhere effectively to the surface.
  • Applying asphalt patching materials - smaller damage to asphalt can often be addressed with asphalt crack sealing with a polymer-modified emulsion. For larger projects like potholes and significantly cracked areas, we will likely apply a hot asphalt mix and compact it with a tamp to ensure compassion and integration. 
  • Sealing and finishing - after the asphalt patch has been applied and compacted, we then use a sealer coat to shield the new driveway or parking lot from any moisture and oxidation. This way, the paved driveway or walkway can be marked with line striping as necessary. 

Through every step of the process, we work tirelessly to employ a high level of professionalism and skill in everything we do. 

We also offer additional services to combat asphalt deterioration, including asphalt overlay and resurfacing.  We also offer driveway sealing to extend the life of your asphalt driveway and protect it from freeze-thaw cycles. By properly sealcoating (seal coating) during the driveway sealing process, we can protect your asphalt pavement and minimize future instances of crack filling or seal coat applications.

We Are Committed To Your Satisfaction

With every asphalt patching job we take, we go the extra mile to beautify your property with environmentally friendly materials so you can feel good about the work we do. By trusting American Asphalt with your asphalt patching needs as a homeowner or business owner, you can rest easy knowing that your driveway repair, parking lot maintenance, or other asphalt patching needs are being met. If you would like to schedule your appointment for reliable asphalt repair services from a bonded and insured team, contact us today.

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